Monday, 5 October 2009

Love to hate..

..yes I'm a negative person & this is a post dedicated to everything I hate.. starting with a lovely long list followed by a nice polyvore set full of dreadful things! haha it actually releaves me a little when I do this & I tag you all to do it.. it's nice to get these things off your chest.

Agyness Deyn, bubble hems, Paul's Boutique, Radley, brogues(flat ones), Juicy Couture, Emma Watson, Mischa Barton & her dredful bags, people with tattoos of their own name, tribal tattoos, shoes with super pointed toes, Calvin Harris, inconsiderate arses (90% Newcastle), fake tan in the winter.. I could go on but I'll stop there :) ohhhhhhh but I hate that I have nobody to go to Birmingham clothes show live with :I any takers ??

Okay so now I feel better :) haha but seriously somebody come to the clothes show live ??


  1. .......CALVIN HARRIS?!
    Granted, his music isnt up to scratch but come on, he's beautiful.
    Plus, when I need cheering up, I just look at his Twitter. I promise, it works, hes insane xxxx

  2. awwww noooo i have a pauls boutique AND juicy couture bag!!!! hahaha AND i love emma watson
    Becky hates me :'[

  3. I hate everything on this list also.

    :/ espec pauls boutique and agnes deyn.


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