Wednesday, 30 September 2009

First big post in a while :)

Haven't done a propper post in too long so here you are :) starting with my lovely purchases from last night!

Studded t-bar flats :) I love these shoes! Couldn't say no to them especially with 20% off.

This ring.. I don't know why I got this I just picked it up and didn't put it back down haha things were pretty hectic so it was pretty much just a case of grabbing things then going..

This is the top/dress I got.. not something I'd usually pick but I do like it.. It's not really me but I'll wear it every now & again. (I apologise for the rubbish pictures I took them all really quickly as Hollyoaks late was starting haha)

Some of the things I got in my goody bag :) I love free things.

Aw, this is a card & a lovely chocolate bar that I came home too tonight as it's my sisters birthday tomorrow & my grandma doesn't like me to feel left out :)♥

& this is my latest purchase :) I went shopping with my mam tonight I was pleasntly suprise when I saw how much money I had in my bank haha I almost bought 2 of these but I didn't.. My lovely Mulberry bayswater!


  1. waaaaw very nice
    how did you get a topshop goody bag?!

  2. Your mulberry bag is gorgeous!
    And I love the ring.

  3. Wow. Looks like you had a fun tonight. With a lot of shopping :)

    I love them shoes! Damn topshop prices though!



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