Monday, 7 September 2009


..when I get my arse into gear I have a boat load of things to put on Ebay.. lots of Topshop clothes & jewellery, Doc Martens, Marc B bag, various other Topshop bags & shoes & a few other bits and pieces I hope I make a decent amount of money.. these are a few things I want with the money I make & for my birthday & Christmas :)

French Sole flats - I'm sick of cheap ones that don't last so I think it's time to invest in a decent pair.
Vivienne Westwood Ebury bag - Not necassarily this particular one, any will do really aha I loveee the whole Ebury Collection!
Marc Jacobs 'Lola' - This perfume is so lovely the bottle is pretty extravagant I wouldn't carry it arround in my bag but it'd look a treat on my shelf :)
Chanel flats - Theyre cute & again I'm tired of cheap flats
Chanel 2.55 - Every girls dream bag??
Marc Jacobs compact - Well it's not that I want the compact I just put this up cause I really want to visit a Marc Jacobs Boutique & if I did so I'd probably invest in this cute compact.
Mac book - My laptop is on it's last legs so I need to start looking about for a new one & I quite fancy a mac book!


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