Sunday, 6 September 2009

Elle October 09!

This months Elle is my favourtie ever ever ever!!
First of all Lily Allen on the cover, she looks amazing although there is despute about this. I love her & think she looks gorgeous. Pete Doherty's art work also stud out for me I really liked it. I think the whole 'London Calling' thing through out the magazing was completely up my street & I'm so glad my mam braught it home for me this morning :)!

This is my very favourite of Lily's photos from the shoot, I think it's gorgeous & will be going up on my bedroom wall very soon!

The blonde wig.. although I prefer Lily with dark hair I do like these photos, she can pull it off!

I love her hair in this one & the Luella dress is to die for :)

What I wouldn't do for her figure!

Amazing legs, amazing shoes.. life is not fair.

This is the cover image.. I think her make up looks so good.

& finally Lily Allen pulls of thumb sucking hahah.


  1. She looks good but I really don't like her

  2. i love everything about lily, i'm so glad you posted this i'm buying the mag today. Love your blog!

  3. Oh she's beautiful in these.
    Thanks for your recent comment. All their hair is to dye for ha!


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