Saturday, 5 September 2009

Another award

This award was given to me by Amy she has a lovely blog, check it out :)

Okay so the honesty scrap award entails me giving 10 facts about myself :) so here goes..
  1. Although I despise drum n bass music the best night out to memory was a drum n bass night.
  2. I hope my hair doesn't all fall out when I dye it all bright red again next week! Wish me luck aha.
  3. I still haven't tried a macaroon but really want to & will do so asap!
  4. I would consider myself an actual shopaholic, when I'm not shopping I'm either thinking about or arranging my next shopping trip, I never get bored of it.
  5. I've never been to London, I want to go so bad.
  6. I don't mind blowing all my money on designer goods!
  7. I lie to prevent people getting into trouble some of the time :/ (can't actually help it).
  8. Iron bru & Dr Pepper are beautiful.
  9. I have a car & can't drive it yet.
  10. I go back to college in just over a week and cannot waaaait :):)!!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you :) And your hair won't drop out when it goes red, it'll look lovely. I want to try a macaroon aswell, like really badly. And I want to go to london, i really really really really do! :)



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