Thursday, 13 August 2009

Blog award

I was given this award from the very lovely Sophie-Leigh :) with this award I'm to tell 7 things about me!
7 things about me:
  1. The smell of calpol is my all time favourite smell!
  2. Theres nothing I love more than fashion illustration & I really would like to get into it but I'm actually rubbish at drawing.
  3. My boyfriend & Brody Dalle have made my entire year this year.
  4. I'd much rather spend my money on expensive clothes and nice things rather than pissing it all up the wall on nights out, if that makes me boring then so be it.(don't get me wrong I go out occassionally but I prefer to shop)
  5. I'm really unhapy with the way I look & I'm currently doing everything I can to change that, so far so good! (I'm losing weight, toning up at the gym, sorting my skin out, sorting my hair out.. etc)
  6. I love college I'm doing a national diploma in art & design (speciallising in fashion illustration & fashion photography) I never want this course to end, university sounds so unappealing right now.
  7. I didn't know how hard it was to think of 7 things about myself.

& I pass this award on to.. Maxine Alice & Aimée Louise because I love both of their blogs ♥


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