Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Disco 2000

I'm going through a Pulp phase again. Jarvis Cocker ♥!!

I haven't posted in what feels like quite a while! Well not much has happened.. I got a new Vivienne Westwood purse & £150 which was nice :).. got a new job(it's only temporary though) in the same place I used to work just in a different department.. it's rubbish I can't wait until some one they find some one to do it full time so I can go back to being a meer admin assistant! So yeah yesturday was my first day, after work I went to Jades. We drank malibu & coke & got ready to go to town. We went to digital it all went wrong but I won't get into that aha but it was rubbish.

Tomorrow is my mam's birthday the family and Matty are going for a meal (@ Franchescas, it's too delicious) should be nice, then my mam dad & sister are going away for a week & me & Matty have my house :):). Good times!

& as I'm playing with my lomo fish eye I'll leave you with some lovely lomography!

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