Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Do you love it?

How adorable?! I'm completely in love. I can imagine it'd be a nightmare to keep but still.
& the past cuple of days have been nice :) Matty suprised me with anniversary (well anniversary of sorts) gifts :)!! He got me a purse from accessorize and put a cute little key ring inside which was also from accessorize! Then we had a takeaway, we were going to eat out but he was to ill & we watched step brothers, I'd wanted to see it for ages so he downloaded it especially for me, it's good :)

& today I went to work in the afternoon, I was offered a job in the accounts department!! Exciting but I turned it down I would hate it too much & I already make plenty of money. I'm spolit also which comes in handy. I went for a face mapping session last week which consists of your skin being scanned and looked at in various ways.. it was really scary. But I was recommended some products of which I was given samples. I used up all my samples and over the space of a few days my skin vastly improved so today my mam got me the dermalogica skin kit with all the products in!
I really like dermalogica but it's pretty costly but if you have the money I highly reccomend getting your face mapped(which is free) at all beauticians which sell dermalogica & invest!! It's worth it :)

1 comment:

  1. ahh where did you get that done? my skin is THE worst. it's got worse since saturday for no particular reason and i look like a lizard or some kind of fish lady.



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