Friday, 3 July 2009

10 things..

So this is what I intended on buying on payday..

I ended up with none of it because I wasn't paid as much as I should have been! & on top of that my hair dresser is refusing to put bleach on my hair because it's too risky.. even though my hair isn't even in bad condition.. so it looks like I wont be going red afterall!

& I've seen this done on a few blogs so I thought I'd give it ago myself..

10 things I will do this summer:
  1. Pass my driving test.
  2. Lose weight (preferably 2 stone).
  3. Go to the beach a lot more.
  4. Improve my wardrobe.
  5. Collect items that are relevant to the phrase 'shabby chic' (college project).
  6. Spend my money more wisely.
  7. Go out with friends at least twice a week.
  8. Hammer the gym when ever possible.
  9. Meet Brody Dalle (before/after spinnerette).
  10. Get out more in general.
& there we go I'll update as I acheive where possible!

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