Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Today was my last day of college and it was the most perfect day ever :) I went in and had to do an english test which turned out to be not so bad it was just a one on the computer like a ticky boxy type & only took like 15 minutes! once that was over we had a little talk with the tutors then headed off for a meal, we went to a chinese buffet (we being me Natty, Jade, Jack, Jobey & Tom) then afterwards we went to sainsburys and got a load of Lambrini & cheap cider because we're that classy haha. Then we headed up to Leazes park to get crunkkkk! & it was so nice, the weather was perfect every body was happy & I just loved it (: I'm still drinking now, some lime & mint becks that my neighbours brought us over from Germany, delicious!

Haha Matty is gunna love the fact that I'm pissed when he picks me up.... or mabey not :I nvm.. I've had a nice time :)

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