Tuesday, 9 August 2011

It's been a good day.

Today was pretty average until I got home from work, a couple parcels had arrived which was a lovely surprise! Here's what I had waiting for me.

Couldn't be happier! Every Tuesday my mam buys LOOK, Heat & any magazines with good freebies so this is what she picked up today, Marie Claire with a free Ciate nail varnish in 'My Fair Lady', a nice subtle nude colour, not something I'd use myself but there is a heads up to any of you who would as Ciate polishes are really good!

My Someday perfume and hair mist arrived!! Glad I risked paying so much without having smell it, it smells SO good.. I wont attempt describing it but it is really lovely, the bottle is also amazing & don't even get me started on the box.

Can't really pick fault with it, for a 17 year old boy he pretty much ticked all the boxes perfume wise (in my opinion). The bottle (& box for that matter) are going to look wonderful on my shelf mean while I can pop my hair mist in my bag so I can smell lovely at all times! Very, very pleased with these purchased.

Last of my lovely surprises are my new vans. Mmmm.. I'm a total boy when it comes to shoes. I'd chose to wear vans over Louboutins any day of the week. Comfy feet are a must. So since Ellie(mam's puppy) chewed up loafers my mam kindly replaced them with these lovely maroon vans vulcanized. Perfect new addition to my vans collection. I now have 6 pairs although some are a little worse for wear these ones are totally my new faves!

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  1. I love that colour on the vans, I always wanted a pair of converse in the similar shade but never bought them.

    Wish I still wore shoes for comfort :'( I hate wearing heels. Right now I cant feel the last 3 toes on my left foot. Which is probably for the best because they would probably hurt if I could feel them.

    also the bieber perfume looks so much nicer than you would expect a boy to come up with. Really nice and not gimicky or anything.



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