Monday, 21 September 2009


I've been a poor poor blogger recently as I've been busy doing nothing exciting at all.. just college & work & stuff, although I did go to my friends house warming on Friday which was quite nice. Anyways here is the lates wish list..
Probably wont get any of them mind but still they're all so beautiful!! Ohh & this week my friend Lola is coming over from Ireland, it's been aaages since I saw her so that will be nice.She's quite a looker isn't she, flawless I'd say.


  1. topshop is amazin! hahaha and ur friend is quite lovely!

  2. did you get the hat yet? i've had my eye on one for a while and i finally got around to getting one on thursday. so cosy and soooo good on a hangover too..


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