Friday, 28 August 2009

I use..

~ HAIR ~
Shampoo:First of all I wash it with washing up liquid(weird, yes. I'm lightening my hair its just slower but less damaging than bleach) then herbal essences usually but I don't have a favourite shampoo.
Conditioner: I use a panten(sp?) intense conditioner, leave it on for 15 minutes every time to bring my hair back to life.. I rinse it off with cold water for added shine haha (the things I put myself through)
Protection: only the ghd heat defense on occasion
Styling: I sometimes use hair spray & sometimes use tony & guys shine addiction, it smells so good.

Mac prep & primes rarely.. but still.
Foundation: I only use powder.. two of them one is an iD bare minerals one & the other is mac mineralize powder
Eyeshadow: Mary Quant! & mac.. & the body shop ones are quite good.. but I rarely use eyeshadow
Eyeliner: Ruby & Millie i-writer.. I've been through a million & one liquid eyeliners and nothing ever compares to this one..
Blush: mac in dollymix
Lipbalm/gloss/stick: mac lip conditioner in pink fish (limited edition hello kitty)
Nail varnish: OPI in 'play till midnight'

~ BODY ~
Toner: demalogica again.. i bought a set
Moisturiser: dermologica
Fake tan: dont use it often but if i do.. st tropex when i have time but if i just need a quick fix i use an ambre solare one.. suprisingly good
Fragrance: i use different ones everyday :/ vivienne westwood - boudoir jouy edition, marc jacobs - daisy, britney spears - midnight fantasy, harajuku lovers - g, paul smith - floural.. a few of my favourites

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  1. marc jacobs and britney spears, yes! everyone thought i was silly when i said britney spears perfume was really nice. xxxxxx


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