Friday, 28 August 2009

I could never ever get bored of shopping.

This is pretty much just all the pictures I said I'd upload and didn't get round to yet :) ooh & it's payday today, yeyy! I went shopping with Jade yesturday I got a Vivienne Westwood purse, a grey cardigan from topshop and a cuple other bits & pieces, it was nice :)

So these are my new boots :)

& this is my new jumper but I decided I'm going to take it back, it's way to long on me & I even got it in a size smaller than I usually would. It's okay though I found a similar one for the same price which doesn't drape so I'm going to swap it!

A necklace I got yesturday, I've wanted it for a while just never got round to buying it. & the purse and apple keyring/mirror are little gifts from my boyfriend from accessorize!

The grey cardigan I got from Topshop I have it in navy blue and black too, I really like these cardigans.

Last of all, my new purse :) ooh I just love Vivienne Westwood I wish Newcastle had a bigger store.

Sorry for taking a while to get round to this!

1 comment:

  1. oooh! i'm so jealous of the boots and the purse, absolutely gorgeous buys :) x


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