Tuesday, 4 August 2009

I feel like a little bit of a lost cause..

.. I really do at the minute :/ I haven't been needed in work for a while, Matty's always at work, I have a friend situation (I'll explain in a bit..) & when ever I'm at home my parents aren't used to me being there all the time so they're like 'What are you doing here'.. rather than 'Nice to see you'.. I feel like I don't have any where to be at the minute.. like totally lost & unwanted.

Okay so the friend thing.. I've got a lot of friends, granted, but not good friends.. like the people I would turn to first have a million and one people they'd go to before me sort of thing.. So I'm always at the bottom of peoples lists for making plans etc & I feel like a complete loser having to chase people about to make plans :/

Matty always tells me I have to make an effort too.. but he doesn't realise I always ask people to do things but I'm obviously the last of their priorities cause none of these plans ever go forward. I really thought starting college would help me find a propper solid group of friends but it didn't.. I have hundreds of 'companions' so to speak.. just no best friends.

Recently Matty's been making more and more plans with his friends too which is totally fine but it leaves me with less and less to do :/ for example.. my Mam & Dad are going away for a week & he was going to be staying over at mine for the week but instead he's planning on going to London with his friends instead, I've completely been pushed aside.. Shit times.. Urh well I'll put an end to my rant, sorry for being a moany bastard.


  1. I understand your situation completely, isn't it horrible :|
    I've been through it what seems like a MILLION times! Where someone's top of your priorities and you'd think it'd be the same vice versa but it just isn't...
    Just power through and hopefully thing's will look up xx

  2. i know exactly what you mean when you say you're way down on your friends priorities list :/

    don't worry though I'll be your bet friend :D xxxxx

  3. I know exactly how you feel :/ That's what I thought about college too and my boyfriends worked practically everyday this summer :/
    I'll be your friend too haha :)
    I'm glad I can finally comment you, I've been trying to for ages and I felt really crap because I didn't want to seem like a bitch who dosen't reply to people lol XD xxxxxxxx

  4. Becky your not the only one with the friend thing!
    im the same, my friends never seem to organize things, and i always feel like im chasing them do to things.
    I love my friends to bits, but sometimes i think i need better friends, who actually do things!


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