Wednesday, 5 August 2009


Okay so I went into work this afternoon & I share an office with my mam so I'd just told her that i kept getting really frustrated at the tiniest thing and crying for silly things and she said she thought i was anemic cause its common in vegetarians.. so she got my grandma(who also works there) in the room and shut the door and they both started talking about what could be wrong with me then i burst into tears.. it litterally came from the middle of no where and i still cant stop crying now so they say the chances of me having depression are high :(:( i feel like such a freak and then i got sent home i felt absolutely humiliated after having had every one hear me crying like a baby then going out with make up all over my face :/ I don't know whats happened.. people that know me know that I'm a hapy person, I don't feel myself anymore, I have an emergency appointment with my doctor tomorrow. GREAT.

& my stuff came from urban outfitters, it's great.. I don't even care.


  1. Aw maybe you just have a bad day?
    I doubt you're anemic because you're a vegetarian. I'm vegetarian too and my doctor said vegetarians do not suffer more from anemia than meat-eaters...

  2. my parents are both vegetarians and have been told to take iron tablet things so they don't get anemia :/
    ahwell.. what ever i have wants to sort its self out i feel like a total mess x

  3. Maybe having your mum and grandma in a room assessing you was a bit pressurising for you? It's certainly set me off! Is anything going on in your life that's stressing you out without knowing? School/uni etc, work, friends (as mentioned in your previous blog...I know that feeling), love life? Sometimes we don't know things get to us when they are...

    I've had anemia and so has my mum - it results in being tired a lot, fainting/dizziness can be common...we just have to make sure our iron level is stocked up so it stays away!

    Hope everything goes okay at the docs. Chin up. :)


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