Monday, 20 July 2009

Rebellious palpitations.

So it was raining really bad all day but I didn't care :)

I got this pass given to me from the support band, Little Fish!

I met Tony & Brody :) they were both so so lovely & Brody of course was beautiful!!

My amaaaaaazing boyfriend took me to see them in Glasgow the next day because I'd loved them so much in Newcastle :) I love him!! So we met them again.. & she was even more lovely than the first time!!

& this is my picture with Brody from Glasgow :) I got one in Newcastle too but this (believe it or not) is the nicer of the two aha! My hair had suffered from severe rain btw just to clear things up.. but OMG look at her :) how GORGEOUS ?!?!?!!!
So there you go :) talk about a perfect weekend!

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