Sunday, 14 June 2009

Ginormous kick in the teeth.

Well I had the most perfect weekend ever ever ever.. Friday I get Spinnerette tickets, then go to the Lake District with Matty, watched Hot Rod with him :) then snuggled in bed. Next day begins with numberetti spaghetti then off to the zoo! Loads of cute animals, loved the monkey's & meerkats especially. Then into the nearest village for a look around, Matty bought me a Hello Kitty teddy (it's cute hello kitty, dressed as a strawberry), then to the chinese :)! Got back to the chalet to eat and we both got reeeally drunk & had a load of fun. Sunday morning I wake up.. not even hung over, really happy about this, I'm sat listening to music feeling really really happy when I say to Matty.. This weekend has been too perfect for something not to go wrong when we get back. He told me I was being silly.. Anyways I got home.. & after having had perfect sunshine all weekend the pouring rain dampened my mood. Then as I'm carying all of my bags from Matty's car to my house there are frogs left right and centre (frog being my biggest ever ever fear). So it was a releif to be in the house, out of the rain and away from the frogs.. I sit down in the living room and the first thing anybody says to me is 'Your uncle Eddy has died'..
Welcome home Becky :/
I'll post pictures from over the weekend later, I'm not in the best of moods at the minute. RIP uncle Eddy x

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