Sunday, 24 May 2009

So bored..

Well I got incredibly bored today, hence making this blog. I've done nothing all day but look at clothes, shoes bags.. etc and I've manage to run up a big list of things I cannot afford. I have however chosen a pair of Melissa's Vivienne Westwood anglomania shoes. They're so cute & I get paid for the very first time on Friday so I'm treating myself!

I can't wait to get them. Next thing on the list is an old casio watch and a manicure I'm in desperate need. I hate how I'm having to save up for this silly intense driving course I just want to go shopping. Edinburgh soon though with college, I'll have to put a bit of money away for the topshop up there I here it's wonderful, should be good. Anyways, thats all for now Matty will be coming for me soon so I'd best get ready x

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