Monday, 25 May 2009

Bank Holiday Monday :)

Well today was nice, I stayed at Matty's last night we got a chinese and fell asleep pretty early but then today he took me into Newcastle first thing so I could buy the bag I want from Retro Vintage we got there and it was shut which was a massive kick in the teeth. Matty knocked on the door.. I was like 'What on earth is that supposed to achieve?' then two seconds later the door opened and I was able to buy my bag :D success. Then on the way out of town we bumped into Ben who happens to have a spare Evolution ticket although I wasn't too bothered about going so we carried on back to Matty's car. Then we went to see if the gym was open but it wasn't so we decided as it was a scorching hot day we'd go back to his sit in the garden and have a few drinks. We got back to his put some drinks in the fridge and sat at the computer while we waited for our drinks to be nicely chilled. We ended up arguing and Matty told me to go home :(.. So off I went & began walking home then about 5/10 minutes later Matty pulled up behind me and told me to get in the car and so I did. I started crying for reasons unknown.. & Matty told me he was really sorry for sending me home and he didn't mean it etc.. & to redeem himself he ended up taking me to the metro centre He bought me the cutest little compact mirror from accessorize. I didn't get anything else because I knew If I'd have said there was anything else I wanted he'd have paid and I don't like taking the piss so I've ended up running up another wish list whilst we wondered around. Then we headed back to Matty's, sat at the computer again we checked the evolution line up out of curiosity only to find that I'm totally missing out on Ladyhawke and Mystery Jets :( Massive let down.. so now I'm sat here wishing for my watermelon bacardi breezer and Ladyhawke. Bad times.

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