Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Red wine.

Yesterday was the first time I've ever worn red lipstick out of the house. Not sure if I'll be doing it again any time soon it looks a bit much on my ghostly face. I do love the colour though, it's red wine by models own, it goes on lovely and lasts well. I recommend it to those lucky enough to be able to pull off such a bold colour. I've dyed my hair dark again also & it's been cut short.. I feel more like myself with dark hair the browny blonde colour made me feel too 'plain Jane', wish it wasn't so short though.


  1. You look lovely - I know what you mean though I've never been brave enough to wear bright lips x

  2. I have the same problem with red lipstick...try more of a coral red, the new Kate Moss for Rimmel has done a really nice one!

  3. I love the lipstick! You look awesome!


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