Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Something to do over summer..

So over summer I'm going to do up my room a bit as my bare white walls are boring me to death. I'm going to try doing this without spending anymore as I'm super skint. I've posted a couple of pictures of sections of my room before, it's a little more exciting since then but not exciting enough! I have illustrations and pretty frames that all need to go up on my walls, I also have fairy lights and various other bits and pieces that are just sitting about and not being put to use so it should give me something to do for a couple days (I get distracted easilly so I must allow a couple of days even for simple tasks.). Here are a few images of rooms that have caught my eye/inspired me a bit mixed with a few images of my room.

This is how I want above my bed to look, obviously with thing I like though but the general idea is cute! I have the same type of bed in white only with white walls & nothing on them..

See this is my current situation... boooring. Since this was taken have put a big Vivienne Westwood poster up but fairy lights and lots of other little bits and pieces are needed!

This notice bored filled with lovely illustrations is just perfect, I love it! Just happens to feature 2 of my favourite illustrators, Danny Roberts & Fifi Lapin! I have a Fifi Lapin print & WILL own a Danny Roberts one one day. But yeah, I put a big notice board on my wall ages ago.. I still didn't get round to filling it (all illustrators feel free to send cute pictures my way!), there are things that need taking down majorly for example pictures of me & my ex.. I'm lazy with this sort of thing so it's time to sort it once and for all.

Sorry about the bad image I just took it on my phone camera from my bed so it's zoomed right in & it's dark & my camera flash doesn't do the trick! So here is my almost tragic notice board.. there are some nice bits & pieces on there though, some Caitlin Shearer prints, an original Janelle Burger drawing, a drawing done of me by a friend (Crin for those of you who may know her), a lovely lino print from my friend Lucy, some Mellissa Bailey postcards, a signed Spinerette poster.. & lots of other bits & pieces but I want to take away the rubbish & fill in the gaps, this task is long over due!

Okay so who didn't have glow in the dark stars on their ceiling as a kid?? Well I'm bringing them back! I bought some the other day & they're totally being put up they're so cute! I have 2 astro star lamps as well as I'm a total geek.

Littile photo I took of one of my star lamps! These are under £5 from ebay just type in 'star lamp', if you don't own one you are silly... they're a bit of a faff to build & they're pretty fragile but once it's built keep it in a safe place & you're good to go!

Finally I have lots of bits and pieces like this (this is litterally just a handul of things that are currently scattered about on top of my bedside drawers. I have a big heartshaped necklace hanger thing for necklaces & a plastic hand thing for rings but I need to display other little things I have lying about. I essentially want my bedroom to look like a cute junk shop filled with things I love. As much as I like minimalism I enjoy the nice things I own to be on display so organising and displaying things on shelves is something else on my to do list!

I personally love seeing what peoples bedrooms are like I think it says a lot about a person so if any of you do/have done a bedroom post let me see! Wow I promise I'm not as creepy as I sound.

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