Monday, 25 April 2011

I won £500 ASOS vouchers!

Best thing that could have happened! & I've spent it all already although I did give my mam & sister £100 each. I've had one big parcel through from them so far but I'll do a propper post about it when the rest arrives! How exciting :) So.. did a little bit of shopping this week but not much due to my shocking budget so here are a couple things I got..

Mountain dew & sweets are from a new shop in town (picture of it below).. it's really cute & just sells Japanese sweets & noodles.. & all things great really! (just along from the gate in town if you're local, worth a look in) Pink stipey top from Topshop, just got this with some money I got for easter off my grandma, cherry carmex & raybans were from my ASOS thing.. Justin Bieber thing came on a magazine, I LOVE it! & The Betsey Johnson toiletry bag & Pepe Jeans sunglasses were just some impulse buys.. it happens every time I go to TK Maxx.

The shope I mentioned. '7 days'

I feel like this drink deserves a mention.. me & my friend went for some lunch in some chinese place & it was boiling so I wanted a drink from the 'ice' section of the drinks menu, so I asked for a ribena ice & this was what I got.. pretty impressive

Just won these shoes on ebay! They're from Topshop originally & I always regretted not buying them so I was happy when I got these, weren't too pricey either considering they were £70 I think the fact that I got them for £20 is a steal!

Finally, I've had my eye on this Lazy Oaf necklace for a while now & they had an easter offer on over the weekend so I thought I'd get it while I could get it cheaper. I think it's really cute.


  1. Congrats, you're so lucky! Was it for the facebook competition? I entered about 50 times a day for that but had no luck :( can't wait to see your purchases! xx

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  3. I really want to go to that shop, but I'm scared I'll go mad and buy everything!


  4. Yes it was the face book competition! I entered loooads all on one day & won, so so pleased :)
    & Thankyou Aita y Rey, my first beieber followers<33 haha
    & Claire get it done! I'm just taking loads of trips and trying out a few things each time until I know whats best.. so far my favourites are milk hello pandas! xx


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