Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Highland fling..

I love Topshop's a/w 09 look book! My favourite of the collections is 'Highland Fling'.. every one seems to be obsessed with all things 'Horror girl' & I think i've gone off it..The boots in the bottom left corner are gorgeous & chunky knits & checky scarfs really do it for me at this time of year :) Here are my favourite pieces from the collection..
I'm going to get the scarf as it's only £16 & I need a new one anyways. I love the dark green & navy blue checks. I wont be purchasing the jumper as I know Jade has her heart set on it so I won't ruin it for her :') & the hat, as cute as it is I wont be purchasing as I really don't suit hats & if I were to buy one it would be something like this but preferbly all black.

Aw maan when ever the a/w clothes come out I get really hyped up for my birthday & Christmas. Stupidly early I know but when you go shopping for winter coats etc.. it puts you in the mood! & I know what I want already & everything haha. Anybody else started thinking about what they want for Christmas??


  1. yes i agree with everything mentioned in this post hha :)oh and btw i;ve left you an award on my blog x

  2. YES I HAVE! I'm thinking of starting of writing a list! I'm far too excited already for christmas, I love it! Presents presents presents.

    Oh and btw, I LOVE THAT COLLECTION. :)


  3. Oh I think about what I want for christmas the second my birthday's over (in Feb!) I still write an illustrated list even though I'm 20.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog- that tumblr is very me! I have tumblr, but i'm not sure what to do with it really!


  4. i wanted that scarf too! and i adore their collections!...theyre just so great

  5. I love topshop so much...they need to open up a store here! now!


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