Thursday, 10 September 2009

Bad day..

Today is not my day.. woke up after having a disgusting dream, mentioned in the previous post.. felt ill all day couldn't bring myself to eat or anything. I went to the hair dressers my hair is red again which is good but first it came out wrong so overall I had 1 lot of bleach & 2 lots of dye on so it felt like I was there for ever.. (I'll post pictures of my hair tomorrow) then I got home & as I got out the car I fell over.. I'm so clumbsy so it happens often, but this time I fell flat on my back hitting my hip and my head really hard on the way down :/ ouch. My knee hurts, my head hurts, my hip hurts and both my hands sting from gravel. Urh. Then Matty came over for a while which really cheered me up but then he went & ever since I've felt horrible.. ALSO!!.. now that my hair is red again I can officially call myself a clone I guess.. red hair, nose ring, medusa piercing. I don't remember a week going by without some one asking which hair dyes I use, how do I get from black to red, does your hair fall out & did my medusa swell, did they numb it, did it hurt etc etc.. where can I get a decent nose ring, do they put them in for you, can you get different sizes.. FUCK OFF!! IM NOT A FUCKING EXPERT LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE.. yeah so I'm common as shit looking, nice one, sorry I'm in a really irritable mood & I needed a place to vent. I'll be back to my usual self tomorrow with a bit of luck!


  1. sounds like a shitty day. im sorry! hopefully tomorrow is better!

  2. i can't wait to see your new hair. i'm so jealous of people that get their black hair dyed out, when i had black hair, my hairdresser wouldn't do it and i had to grow it out for about 2 years and look disgusting for the entire time xxxxxxx

  3. I know how you feel about the hair and piercing questions -don't they fucking frustrate you?! haha
    My favourites are 'doesn't dying your hair make it fall out' and 'did that hurt?'...
    Its like well, you can see yourself whether my hairs falling out and for fucks sake, a needle going through your skin, of course its gonna hurt...
    god, some people. hahaha
    I hope your weekend is better than the rest of the week has been for you doll xxxx


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