Sunday, 2 August 2009

Yeah I did..

I had so much in my shopping basket on urban outfitters and it came to a pretty big total, I managed to narrow it down though & so I ended up getting..I wanted it in black too but as my mam correctly pointed out I have way to many black tops so I opted for the grey :)

I got the photo frame I'd been wanting! I think it's really pretty.

The rest of the things I wanted (a watch, a bracelet, studded flats, the black verion of the top) I will look for when I visit urban outfitters when I go back to Glasgow :)!!

& as for the topshop bag I posted earlier I still have every intension of buying it but I'm going to wait a few more days incase they get it instore.. (save money on postage & get student discount).. I was also tempted to buy a new tartan shirt from topshop but I resisted. It's a good job I did mind as I'm going shopping again tomorrow, I still need to buy Jade a little something to go with her La Roux ticket. We're goin to pizza express too.

Shopping List for tomorrow:
  • Grey nail varnish
  • Dark purple nail varnish
  • Eye primer
  • Small present for Jade
  • Cards for Matty, my mam & my grandma

1 comment:

  1. yay! I can finally leave you comments.
    I love the top and the frame is really pretty.


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