Monday, 31 August 2009


So on Saturday night me & Matty watched Adventureland it was so good! A good soundtrack too I'd say.. everybody go and see this it's funny & so sweet!
We also watched 28 Days Later & The Texas Chainsaw Massacre neither of which were as good as Adventureland :) It's been a pretty boring weekend overall. All I did was eat, watch films & sleep. Although we did go to the gym twice but both times it was shut. Actually gutted I could have really done with it!

Hopfully lots of shopping will get done this week though to make up for a boring weekend :) I want a new bag for college but don't know where to get one from, any suggestions? I also need lots of materials for college :):) I'm looking forward to going back!!


  1. You really should make a tumblr. It's the easiest thing to use, and it's so addicting and inspiring! :D


  2. shopping is the right thing.
    xx cody


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