Saturday, 11 July 2009

Tynemouth Market..

I went to Tynemouth Market today with Emily from college & her girlfriend Sammi :). Was nice it's a really stunning day! Anyways I was there looking for things for my college project, pretty much just collecting materials and bits and piece to create a book from! So I got a some vintage dress makers patterns, and some old vintage buttons (they belonged to a sailor, they're gold with anchors on, very sweet). I almost bought myself a compact mirror too but I didn't as I think I'm going to get the Celia Birtwell one that I showed in an earlier post! Trip into town is needed! I'm also going to treat myself to Mac's 'snob' lipstick :)

Ohh & on Wednesday I was in great need of some new things so I went shopping & everything I baught was from PRIMARK.. yes I was on a budget so I got underwear, pj's, a cardigan & a bag.. all for £25. I was pleased with what I got but I don't think I'll be returning in a hurry. It's such a hectic shop I don't like being in it.

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