Wednesday, 29 July 2009

What my dressing table says about me!

Credit to Wonderlander for this post :)

What my dressing table (although it's really just a shelf) says about me!

Perfume, chanel, cupcake candles, lots and lots of jewellery & a photo of my boyfriend :)!

Firstly I'd like to point out I recently re-decorated I'm ot usually so tidy aha the chances of this shelf looking like this in a cuple of weeks is not likely.. Moving swiftly on what my shelf could say about me:

  • I love expensive things! ie.. chanel, marc jacobs, vivienne westwood.. even though these are only bottles of perfume & a box from my glasses.
  • I also love little cute kitsch type things hense the cup cake candles which my boyfriend bought for me as part of my Christmas present last year.
  • The photo of my boyfriend :)♥. I just love to look at him really, he's pretty! & he actually bought me most of the stuff on this picture. (the candles, the marc jacobs perfums & most of the jewellery).
  • I like to smell nice which is why I have a lot of perfume (I only display pretty bottles, I have too much to fit on the shelf).
  • I'm a minimalist of sorts. I have so much stuff but I'm selective of what I have on show, all white walls with only my favourite things on display :)

So to some up.. I'm minimalistic, materialistic & I love love love my boyfriend!♥..

1 comment:

  1. those candles are soooo cute :D
    i have mj daisy and the harajuku lovers perfume, but the yellow one, can't remember what she's called heh
    and woohoo, working comments! xxx


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