Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Make a wish..

10 things about me that not too many people know:
  1. I have a small anchor tattoed behind my ear.
  2. I wish my blog wasn't such a failure. Only 5 followers & I don't even remember the last time I got a comment.. where am I going wrong ?
  3. I don't like people coming to my house.. nobody not even my boyfriend of 2 & a half years, really really hate it!!
  4. Frogs are the one thing I am most scared of closely followed by spiders.
  5. I have a really big problem with confrontation and arguments so sometimes I lie in order to avoid it.
  6. Leaving school was the best thing ever to happen & college is perfect for me!
  7. I get called a snob and high maintenence all of the time, I AM NOT. It really gets on my nerves, I save up money for ages to buy expensive things they blow all of their money in primark. My problem? I think not.
  8. I have a car it's a black hyundai getz. I cannot drive it.
  9. I would much rather buy a new pair of shoes than go out in town & spend ridiculous amounts of money on alcohol & getting into clubs. My friends hate me for it.
  10. I make wishes on dandelions, eyelashes, blowing out my birthday cake candel & the first star in the sky at night.

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