Friday, 31 July 2009


Jen stayed over on Wednesday night :) it was nice we put on face masks like old times then the next day we went to the Side Gallery & Lazarides Gallers, Lazarides is my favourite :)! Then on the night time I saw Harry Potter with Matty & his family, we went for a meal too it was so good! & today is payday so I'm going shopping with Jade :D I've already got in mind £40 worth of topshop jewellery that I want :I bye bye money!

Anyways when I was watching Harry Potter last night I realised how much I fucking hate Emma Watson.. she'd be pretty if she didn't look like there were 2 slugs racing across her forhead & her voice reeeeally grinds on me! I don't get what every one fusses over her for.. she doesn't even dress herself so it doesn't matter that she wears nice clothes.

& I'm going to leave you all with a lovely photo of Angelle Boucher.

P.s How nice is the new Horror Girl collection for topshop?! I love it!! A new wish lis is most deffinately in order :D .. & this bag is at the top of it!

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