Friday, 12 June 2009


Nobody could ever possibly understand my love for this woman, since I was in primary school I plastered my walls with pictures of her, I was obsessed! Sadly The Distillers broke up so I thought I'd never get to see her. But now Spinnerette, her new band, are coming to Newcastle and I cannot explain how extatic I am.. like unreal amounts of hapiness haha! I thought seeing Ryan Sinn playing for Angels and Airwaves at give it a name 06 or 05 idk, was the closest I'd ever get to seeing any of The Distillers.... Oh my god I just can't contain myself!

Awww :) I'm in such a lovely mood, & me and Matty are going away to the lake district over the weekend hopefully it will be wonderful :):) ! So so so so happy :D!

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