Monday, 22 June 2009

Love of mine..

Aw :) I put some new songs on my page they're so sweet, especially 'I'll follow you into the dark' by Deathcab For Cutie.. I highly recommend it, have a listen!

Today was so boring we went to college for a while then me Natty & Jade went on a wander up to Northumbria Uni to see the fashion degree show, it was really quite nice, loads better than Edinburgh! That was pretty much all that happened.. Natty met her sister then went home, me & jade shopped a little then went to Starbucks, nothing exciting as per.

Only 2 days of college left, this year has flown! I'm actually not looking forwards to breaking up I know I'll get bored & have nothing to do most of the time :/ ahwell.. roll on September. Wednesday should be nice we're all going for a chinese meal as a little 'end of year' thing, I hope lots of people come.

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