Friday, 29 May 2009

Pissed off.

It's pay day today so I should really be happy but the one thing I reeeeally wanted is sold out :(.. Totally my luck I'm devistated. On top of that it's a really gorgeous day & I have nobody to go out with. Plus I'm already £50 down due to getting my provisional, I hope my mam gives me it back as she said she'd pay for it.

How pretty is it?! ahh well.. Oh & yesterday was really nice I my mam took me out for lunch and I had the nicest tuna nicoise minus the olives and tomatoes. Urh I tried an olive for the first time yesturday I was almost sick they're so vile. But anyways after work I went to matty's where we cooked pasta bake and then stayed in his bed for the rest of the night :) I love sleep overs with my boyfriend!

I think I may take the dog for a walk soon before I go to the gym, which I really cannot be bothered with today I just want to sit in the sun & drink mojito's.

My love for Fifi Lapin keeps growing and growing.


  1. thats tops in stock on the websitee :)

  2. thankyou so much :)
    i bought it straight away!xx


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