Thursday, 8 September 2011

Why you being a dickhead for?

So here are the purchases I made after work today.. nothing exciting.

A slouchy, over sized grey t-shirt from Topshop! I got the Alexander McQueen scarf last Christmas but I'm going to actually wear it this autumn/winter.

Cranberry coloured cardigan, looks totally frumpy in this image but it's lovely and cosy! I think I'll get a lot of wear out of this over the next few months. I will certainly get my money's worth. Also despite not having a valid student card anymore the lady let me off & gave me perhaps my last ever 10% off.. like she rightly said, 'it's no skin off her back giving you 10% off', lovely lady!


  1. I love all your purchases! I kind of want to steal them... ALL! Love your blog too!


  2. really want a classic grey slouchy top, this might be the beauty! ;) love the grey + cranberry combo!.xx

  3. The grey tee and skull scarf never gets old, i love it. x

  4. Loooove that cardi!

    Helen, x


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