Sunday, 18 September 2011

Falling leaves.

So Autmun is officially here & I think I'm appreciating it more this year than I ever have before. The image below is just something thats been floating about on tumblr (if anybody know who made it let me know & I'll credit it). It pretty much sums up everything wonderful about Autumn, it also sums up my life at the moment quite nicely (minus work and all the other boring stuff).
Autumn colours, berry shades, rusty shades, wether it's nail varnish or what I'm wearing.. I keep resorting to these comforting colours.

Falling leaves, great to look at but they aren't fun unless they're crispy! Kicking through great big piles of them that form and just feeling like a child again. It's the little things.

Warm boots, I'm still trying to figure out which boots I'd like to buy, suggestions welcome. I usually resort to UGG boots because they're the worlds most comfortable shoes but I fancy a change, something more visually pleasing and perhaps water proof? Thats as much as I've narrowed it down.

Scarves, I have a great collection that will no doubt grow this year as I've seen so many lovely ones on the highstreet. If anyone would care to donate a Louis Vuitton leopard print scarf it would be much appreciated.

Comfort food, my diet is awful at the minute, I'm always busy so I've just been eating what ever I can, when ever I can. Mostly living off soup is very comforting though, I must learn how to make my own.

Rainy walks, an all too regular occurance. I walk Ellie every day & the weather hasn't been great lately, I don't like it when it's light rain but I LOVE when it's completely pouring down and you get completely soaked through, it's refreshing & going home & changing into pyjamas or having a hot bath. Easilly once of my favourite things.

Fireplaces, love/hate. I think I'm the only person I know who only has a real fire in their home. It's nice I like the whole process of buying coal and chopping wood and such for the fire and it's so cosy but you can't turn it down or off so we tend to leave it until it gets really cold until we light it (we being me & my parents). Sometimes I wish we had a gas/electric or what ever they are fire for convenience.

Layering, something I'm completely shit at but it never stops me! I'm no fashionista but I do love lots of layers.

Snuggly beds, what more can I say.. I spend most of the time I'm at home in my bed. I think it's one of my favourite places.

So this has been a post about the little things I love about Autumn, what are your favourite things about Autumn?? I don't think this season gets enough credit! Also while we're on the topic of the little things I made an account on which is a website for making goals, recording progress & people cheer you on & help you, very posi. It's become a new favourite of mine, everyone is so lovely and one of the goals I've set for myself is to create a list of 100 things that make me happy that don't involve any money. I'm doing it bit by bit as & when I think of things so that it's very personal to me & not general & rushed but it's excellent to refer to when you aren't feeling your best I'm so happy I've started it. If any of you have a 43things account drop me a link! Have a lovely Autumn guys.

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